Test Cases

Drones and soil sensors in the cultivation of apples for increased production and quality in Poland




Biogeographical region

Range of digital technologies
Combination with drones and soil sensors, Variabel root pruning, Variabel fertilisation (organic matter), Combination of data and practical use in the field

Target stakeholders
Farmers and growers

Short description
Apple orchards in Poland, focusing on the solution with drones and soil sensors. In the cultivation of apples and pears, drone technologies are increasing. The translation of drone data to a practical treatment in the field is a major challenge. Through this TC, data will be collected making prescription maps for applications such as tree specific root pruning and irrigation service based on soil sensors, weather forecast and soil properties. Farmers are involved in the development of new farm-based practical solutions, promoting to each other the new results.

Major goals
The main goal that this TC is expecting to deliver is the optimisation of labour costs and the increased efficiency of the use of pest and disease management (variable vigour gives different pressure in the field) which will lead to increased production and quality.