About QuantiFarm

Despite the many predicted benefits of the use of DATs in agriculture, actual uptake and use by farmers in the EU has been slow and limited for a number of reasons.

lack of knowledge about DATs
insufficient clear and “hard” data on the costs and benefits of DATs
DATs impact on sustainability when used under real life conditions
impediments such as farmers’ cultural and behavioural attitudes.

QuantiFarm in a nutshell

QuantiFarm focusses on supporting the further deployment of DATs as key enablers for enhancing the sustainability performance and competitiveness of the agricultural sector. To achieve this goal, QuantiFarm aims to establish an Assessment Framework measuring the impact and effectiveness of DATs in agriculture through innovative tools, services and recommendations for farmers, advisors and policy makers:

Impact Begins Here.

30 Test cases to assess costs, benefits, and sustainability gains in 7 agricultural sectors

100 New digital solutions available through the QuantiFarm toolkit

4000 Farmers with access to the innovative advisory services