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Led by GAIA EPICHEIREIN, QuantiFarm consortium is a diverse and dynamic network of partners, representing key players in the agri-food value chain. It consists of 32 partners, representing universities, research institutes, agri-cooperatives and farmers, farmers’ advisors, Digital Innovation Hubs, DATs providers, software developers, certifications bodies and policy makers.


GAIA EPICHEIREIN is a private company resulting from an alliance between farmers & agri-cooperatives as well as advisors with strategic partners from the IT and banking sector in order to serve a common vision for a more sustainable and competitive Greek agriculture. The company is the key supporting entity of Greek farmers and agri-cooperatives, providing information, policy support and services that allow them to become more sustainable and competitive while making the most out of EU and national financing tools. GAIA is a member of Copa Cogeca and EUFRAS, representing both Greek farmers and advisors at an EU level.


Politecnico di Milano is a public scientific-technological university, which focuses on the quality and innovation of its teaching and research, developing a fruitful relationship with the business and productive world by means of experimental research and technological transfer, while training engineers, architects and industrial designers.


TNO is a Dutch independent contract research organization, one of the major ones in Europe. Based on its expertise and research in technological, policy, business and social innovation, TNO connects people and knowledge in order to create innovations which strengthen the competitive position of companies and societal welfare. With a staff of approximately 3000 people and an annual turnover of 550 million Euros, TNO is carrying out research in order to achieve impact on ten Societal Challenges, including Artificial Intelligence; Defence, Safety and Security, Industry; Healthy Living; and Information and Communication Technologies. TNO functions as an intermediary between basic research organisations, government and industry. By translating scientific knowledge into practical applications, TNO contributes to the innovation capacity of businesses and supports the policy and regulatory developments in government.


NEUROPUBLIC is a Greek ICT SME, specialised in the development of integrated information systems and high-demand applications built in Cloud computing architecture, focused especially in agriculture. NP owns and operates a network of >350 IoT agroenvironmental stations covering >150.000 ha across 5 countries, recording atmospheric and soil measurements from the field. These data, combined with other types of data like field logs, remote sensing data and soil analysis, are supporting multiple data-enabled digital services in the areas of Smart Farming, CAP, agri-insurance and traceability, offered to >680K end-users.


CONSULAI is the largest advisory company in Portugal in the agri-food sector. The company develops projects and studies in several areas, including innovation, rural development, policy development, and prospective analysis. The company aims to have a decisive role in innovation by developing new projects and ICT tools, diversifying the portfolio of services, and benefiting the value chain of the agricultural, agroindustry and forestry sectors. CONSULAI currently has a technical staff of 30 advisors with different degrees, from graduates to masters and PhDs, in a diversity of subject areas. The technical expertise is broad (agronomy, animal production, food, forestry, environment) but the company also has competences in areas related to ICT, management, marketing, communication, and agri-business. The company is an active member of EUFRAS, the European network and representative association of public and private rural and agricultural advisory services.


CONFAGRICOLTURA is the most important collective organization of Farmers in Italy (a private confederation of associations of farmers with 41 millions euro total turnover), representing 60% of the Country’ territory, 70% of the Agrifood turnover, and 34 % of the Italian farmers. Confagricoltura has 140 offices all over the Italian Regions, more than 1700 employees, giving assistance to the thousands of associates (286.000) and representing the legitimate interest of the farmers versus the European and national Institutions and governmental and public Authorities. Confagricoltura has a Young Entrepreneur Organization ANGA, an internal audit – REV -, a training agency – ENAPRA -, an editorial agency – SEPE – and a service center – CAAF. Confagricoltura is a full member of COPA COGECA and CEJA in Bruxelles, and of the National Food Technology Platforms Food For Life, coordinated in Rome.


FSH is an impact venture studio that targets Agri-FoodTech founders – in all parts of the agrifood value chain, during every stage of their journey. In a bold commitment to economic, environmental, social sustainability, Foodscale Hub simultaneously acts as a market maker and product innovator for new and novel food products that are both healthy and less damaging to the environment. With its expertise, FSH supports food innovation, creativity and digital transformation, providing solutions to sustainably grow food brands.


Peterson is a family – owned inspection company, operating in the field of logistics, quality, certifications and risk management. Peterson holds an in-depth knowledge and experience covering all aspects of the supply chain in many industries including agriculture, energy, forestry, sustainability and textiles.


The Natural Resources Institute Finland is the second largest, public, non-profit research and expert organisation in Finland that works to advance the bioeconomy and the sustainable use of natural resources. The research and expert activities of the Natural Resources Institute Finland are founded on broad-based competence, whose competencies are exploited in multi- disciplinary research programmes and projects carried out in collaboration with Finnish and international partners. The research programmes – planned together with the end-users – aim to create new bio-based products and business opportunities, increase productivity by digitalization, support regional vitality by circular economy, create well-being from immaterial values, and support the profitability of healthy food production.


Agricultural University of Athens (AUA) is the 3rd oldest University in Greece. AUA conducts 1/3 of the agricultural research in Greece. The University is situated on a green campus that straddles close to the Acropolis, at the heart of the ancient Olive Grove. The Smart Farming Technology Group (SFTGroup) has experience in the application of new technologies in agriculture, including agricultural robotics, artificial intelligence, digital platform and precision agriculture application. The group has participated in several H2020 projects and coordinated the H2020 Smart-AKIS (2016-2018) and GATES project (2017-2019). It is also responsible to deploy smart farming activities at the Smart Rural Village Network (2020-2025). In general, AUA contributions address a wide range of issues related to food safety and environmental protection significantly affecting the daily lives of Greek and Europeans citizens: food quality and safety, water resource conservation, organic farming, alternative energy sources, biotechnological applications in agriculture, information and communications technology.


OKYS is a Bulgarian SME that provides reliable, trustworthy, integrated ICT solutions, through technology innovation and successful project management to both public and private organisations. OKYS, through the extensive experience of its personnel delivers R&D services and high-quality, customised solutions using state-of-the-art technologies, in the areas of cloud-based solutions, IoT APIs, software development, data analytics and behaviour analysis. The interdisciplinary team at OKYS focuses on the intersection between ICT and society to provide smart solutions to citizens, consumers, decision makers and SMEs. OKYS evaluates user requirements and transfers them to comprehensive use cases which drive both design and technical implementation activities. OKYS digital solutions help turn ideas into the actions required to mobilise individual and collective engagement for the co-creation of a sustainable future.


Copa-Cogeca are the united voice of European farmers and agri- cooperatives. Copa-Cogeca ensures that EU agriculture is sustainable, innovative and competitive, guaranteeing food security to half a billion people throughout Europe.


CEMA is the association representing the European agricultural machinery industry. It includes both large multinational companies as well as the numerous European SMEs active in this sector. CEMA’s mission is to work towards a balanced legislative and regulatory framework in the EU, supporting the competitiveness of the industry in Europe, enabling the industry to provide smart solutions to help farmers worldwide to grow food affordably and sustainably, while promoting a deeper understanding of the European agricultural machinery industry among EU decision-makers, regulators and stakeholders.


Teagasc – the Agriculture and Food Development Authority – is Ireland’s national body providing integrated research, advisory and training services to the Irish agriculture and food industry and rural communities throughout Ireland. Teagasc’s mission is “To provide an independent and authoritative research knowledge base technology transfer and training services for the sustainable development of agriculture and the food processing industry to enable it to respond profitably to consumer demands and requirements and contribute to a vibrant rural economy and society“.


ITACyL is a public institute devoted to support and promote agri-food system from Castilla y León (Spain). ITACyL’s mission is focused in using ICT technologies to support farmers and government activities.


Horta Srl is a company holding experience with ICT, modelling, Decision Support Systems (DSSs) development, validation of innovative IPM practices, field trials and project management. HORTA’s mission is to increase the value of research by transferring the technological innovation to practical agriculture at national and international level, by developing new cropping strategies, methods and products. The core activity of Horta is the development of intuitive and dynamic Decision Support Systems for sustainable crop production based on new Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).


KU Leuven boasts a rich tradition of education and research that dates back six centuries. The university’s basic research orientation has always been and will remain fundamental research. At the same time, the university remains vigilantly open to contemporary cultural, economic and industrial realities, as well as to the community’s needs and expectations. KU Leuven is currently by far the largest university in Belgium in terms of research funding and expenditure, and is a charter member of the League of European Research Universities (LERU). KU Leuven conducts fundamental and applied research in all academic disciplines with a clear international orientation. In the Times Higher Education ranking KU Leuven is ranked as the 13th European university, while in the Reuters Top 100 of the World’s most innovative institutions, KU Leuven is listed as the first European university, for the fourth year in a row.


Delphy is a leading international consultancy & research organisation, based in The Netherlands. Delphy employs consultants, researchers and project managers that work worldwide. Delphy IC conducts applied research and has training facilities, where unique courses and custom training on latest innovations take place. Delphy IC is a ‘sister’ company of Delphy Poland. Delphy ranked high in the top 100 most innovative companies in Dutch agriculture. Delphy delivers several key services to its clients; advisory services, demonstrations and training activities for farmers and innovative projects in the plant-based agricultural sectors. Delphy covers all aspects of farm management, such as day-to-day crop management, implementation & development of new, innovative technologies and decision support systems; soil improvement plans and control strategies for soil borne diseases. Delphy has an extended network in agriculture and agribusiness.


IDELE is an Institution operating in multiple domains of the agricultural sector, utilising its technico-economic simulation tool for agricultural methanation, margin indicator on total indexed cost and calculation of productivity criteria, towards improving the competitiveness of herbivore farms and their sectors in a constantly changing context. IDELE’s work provides technical and innovative solutions to cattle, sheep, goat and horse breeders and to industry players. They provide elements of response to societal questions and current issues, at the service of actors in livestock farming and its sectors.


Augmenta is a private company of software and hardware engineers, agronomists, manufacturing specialists, operation and communication experts with the commercial and technical know-how to make innovative agricultural ideas a reality, while improving the quality of produce and profitability. Augmentas’ mission is to ‘augment’ the capacity of arable land, towards helping feed a growing world sustainably.


Anamob Association is a professional organisation, representing the sectors of activity within the agribusiness supply chains, within the public-private partnership, at national, European and international level. Anamobs’ operation lays with the promotion and application of the results of research, innovation and digitization within the agribusiness supply chains activities; the strengthening of the capacity and infrastructure of the digital research-innovation hub to ensure the necessary support for the agro-industrial community represented by ANAMOB; the development of European cooperation at the level of the Southeast Europe Regional Cluster, at the pan-European and international level. Its vision is to ensure the viability, resilience and sustainability of ANAMOB community members, while promoting innovative products, with high added value, on the domestic, intra-community and third markets.


ART21 is a boutique innovation house delivering AgriFood Tech solutions that shape the future of agriculture, food and associated sectors. The company includes passionate professionals with a mission to make our agriculture and food more efficient, sustainable and healthy with the help of breakthrough technologies. ART21 is focusing on solving the most pressing issues facing the AgriFood sector, deriving new knowledge from scientific and applied research in order to develop new technologies and expand the application horizon of existing ones, while it also creates new products and leads them to meet market needs.


AgroSmart constitutes a limited liability company, offering a crop farm process management software designed to facilitate farmers, through the simulation of future farm visions and decision making of investments, the improving of farms economic efficiency by increasing productivity and reducing costs, as well as the monitoring of farm operational information. Among AgroSmarts’ offering services is also to provide reports to the state bodies, declare your crop fields, according to an agreement to exchange data with the private agricultural sector participants.


BENCO Baltic is a private company that solidifies the transfer of scientific knowledge, innovative technologies and business know-how throughout Europe. Through its cooperation with international scientific, business and public organisations and bodies, BENCO offers co-creating Joint technology research services, as well as, the development and innovation projects. BENCO philosophy on adapting Innovation and adaptation and usage of case development to fit market needs, further strengthens its offered services of market Business development, commercialization and marketing consulting.


FFP2 constitutes the main resource base, supplying potatoes of selected varieties that have not been cultivated in Poland so far. Established when Dutch companies Farm Frites BV and AVIKO BV joined forces for a joint investment in Poland, which was the construction of a factory producing French fries in Lębork. While adapting societal integration strategy and environmentally friendly techniques, FFP2s’ vision through its technological innovation in agriculture, lays with maximisation of the precision and optimisation of the time and use of means of production.


Agromais is a professional farmers’ organisation, recognised by the market, adapting to changes and new technologies, while through its associative spirit, organisation and capacity for technical evolution, offers to the producers in the region, who have provided their fields with the necessary technologies to meet the requirements of each crop. Agromais’ mission is based on quality processes, constant technological innovation and environmentally sustainable and socially responsible practices, seeking to maximise the value of the products sold and, thus, the profitability of our associates’ farms.


KGZS is one of the eight regional institutions that make up the Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia, established to provide public agricultural consultancy services, professional tasks in the production of agricultural plants, professional tasks in animal husbandry, gene bank tasks, professional tasks in forestry and fisheries and other tasks that are in accordance with the concessions obtained in the area of ​​administrative units of Gornja Radgona, Lendava, Ljutomer and Murska Sobota. KGZS working in the departments for agricultural consulting and animal husbandry, in branches and in other professional activities, aims to preserve the population of the countryside, professionally advise and educate users in agricultural activities, while at the same time supplying them with the highest quality genetic material for animal husbandry. KGZS, furnished with its knowledge, experience, expertise and knowledge of the countryside and adaptability, visionises to become a central professional, advisory and educational institution for agriculture and rural development in the region.


Terra is a consulting firm, specialised in providing advisory services in the field of financing in agriculture. Terra, with its experience, expertise and know – how in working on EU projects and the Ministry of Agriculture on the establishment of IPARD structures in Serbia and the banking sector, through its philosophy of creating a partnership relationship with the client, offers complete preparation, financial and business consulting services for the development of agricultural and food production.


AnySolution is an Innovative SME, recognised by the National Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, with a great deal of experience, expertise and know – how on dissemination strategies, capable of carrying out the project’s technological development. While developing strategic methodologies and projects in the field of Research, Development and Innovation, Health, Tourism, SmartMobility, Smart cities and destinations and Emergencies/natural hazards amongst others, AnySolution has two main departments: Strategic Innovation and engineering. From the department of Strategic Innovation, they support entities (public and private) in their digital transformation path to become truly smart, with a deep experience in Smart Cities and Smart Destinations. In the Engineering department they are working mainly in the field of IoT, Data and AI, having developed a data driven IoT platform called NADIA.


Filagro operates in the field of agro-economic consultancy services, covering the full spectrum of agro economic consultancy, including primary processing industries of agricultural products and regional development programs, while aiming to provide support to farmers in utilising, to the fullest, the EU funds for agriculture.


AGRIDEA is the Swiss agricultural extension centre for cantonal extension services and any organisation active in agriculture and home economics. As a competence centre for the preparation, exchange and dissemination of practice and research knowledge and know-how, AGRIDEA networks women and men in agriculture and rural areas. While creating the linkage and communication funnel, between science and farming, AGRIDEA is the partner of choice in working groups or projects in which various actors exchange experiences and wish to achieve common goals. Promoting their philosophy of efficient and sustainable agriculture and a dynamic rural area. AGRIDEA also contributes to the production of quality food and the creation of a valuable living space. Both on the European and global levels, AGRIDEA has developed a broad network of links with agricultural training bodies or actors involved in agricultural policy.


FLOX is a SME made up of experienced, sector-leading technical talent and ambitious entrepreneurs who genuinely want to make a difference. Through its meteorological & automation, animal welfare & compliance, environmental sensing & footprinting experts, AI & IoT and growth prediction & data-sharing expertise, FLOX is building intelligent technologies to make a real difference, towards better farming, precision agriculture, compliance and smarter with time solutions.
By utilising its sensemaking tools, alerts & prediction systems combine AI and innovative technologies with farming expertise – using less to grow better, FLOX is operating towards solving each customer’s greatest challenges.