QuantiFarm Overall Concept

Behaviour Analysis Methodology

A set of key determinants of adoption and perception of DATS including values, motivations and knowledge of DATS for agriculture as well as an overview of why, when, how and who adopt DATS. Data will be collected from farmers, advisors and policy stakeholders.

For: Policy makers and regulators, and public/private advisors.

Impact: Decision support tool for strengthening capacity building around DATS and policy building to facilitate their uptake.

Assessment Framework​

Governance mechanisms for the comprehensive and independent assessment of costs, benefits, and sustainability gains (economic, environmental, social) of DATS (>30) tested under real-life conditions.

For: Farmers, cooperatives, farm advisors and extension service providers, private advisors, CAP management authorities

Impact: Evidence-based decision support tool for selecting and using the most suitable set of DATS at the farm level or for individual production steps.

QuantiFarm Toolkit​

A set of decision support tools, including a recommender system, cost-benefit calculators, and a benchmarking tool derived from testing and validation of DATS and their costs, benefits and sustainability on site over 3 growing seasons

For: Farmers, cooperatives, advisors, certification bodies, DIHs, DATS providers, regulators, policy makers

Impact: A flexible, evidence based decision support tool for adopting, benchmarking, compliance checking, monitoring DATS

QuantiFarm Digital Innovation Academy​

Comprehensive training program including EU -wide training workshops, national webinars, and demo events to broaden understanding of DATS- their potential benefits, costs, impacts.

For: Advisors, agricultural training providers, researchers and farmer organisations, DIHs

Impact: Strengthen the capacity of advisors to provide Innovative advisory services on DATS to farmers and in turn make the best selection and use of DATS

Policy Monitoring Tool​

A customizable tool for assessing the impacts of DATS on sustainability as well as for monitoring and evaluating policies and interventions at the farm, regional and national level

For: Regulators and policy makers, CAP governing bodies, accredited certification bodies

Impact: Policy monitoring support using the most relevant EU and in-situ parcel data, and regional sustainability indicators