Test Cases

SF DSS/ App for Grapevine in Continental region




Biogeographical region

Range of digital technologies
Farm Management Information Systems (FMIS) and applications (inc. DSS), Recording or Mapping technologies

Target stakeholders
Vineyards farmers

Short description
The proposed TC foresee the combination of the following technologies: (i) a low cost RGB drone technology for dynamic sensing of the plant canopies during the grapevine season; (ii) advanced analysis of the remote sensing images, allowing to retrieve selected bio-physical indexes for the plant canopies, able to provide real time information on plant growth and development, health status, water and nutrient stresses (iii) a Decision Support System (DSS) integrating the above mentioned information, together with weather data and mathematical models, for optimised decision making concerning plant protection interventions, rates and timings of fertilisers and irrigation based on the balance between inputs. These technologies will be applied in the Italian vineyards during the cultivation phase.

Major goals
Benchmarking work conducted under this TC aims to show that there is significant opportunity to eliminate resource use that does not create value, reduce the costs and increase the environmental sustainability, while maximising vineyards profitability.