Test Cases

Data-driven growing of cucumbers in a greenhouse




Biogeographical region

Range of digital technologies
Data driven growing, Machine learning, Crop sensors, QMS Cucumber, Crop and Climate Profiler, Climate Controller, Automated Greenhouses

Target stakeholders
Family owned greenhouse of 2 hectares (growers, farmers, etc.)

Short description
Digital solution consists of four parts: 1) Crop Strategy, 2) Cultivation Profilers, 3) Operational Controller and 4) Crop registrations and sensors. Those digital solutions will be adapted and implemented step by step in the whole greenhouse processes, activities and farm operations towards achieving TC’s major goals.

Major goals
The main goal is to go from a subjective approach (observation and interpretation by a human) to an objective approach (measuring by sensors and interpretation by models/algorithms). Ultimately to support growers in their daily decision making, growing more stable and predictable, and to increase the yield.