Test Cases

Precision Irrigation for Bananas and Grapes in Macaronesia region




Biogeographical region

Range of digital technologies
IoT, Precision Irrigation, Monitoring, Sensors and automatizations

Target stakeholders
Whole agrifood sector

Short description
This TC is implemented in 2 islands from the Canary Islands archipelago: Gran Canaria and Lanzarote. In Gran Canaria there will be a comparison between 2 farms, one cultivating bananas using digital solutions controlling irrigation as well as other sensors and some automatization, and another one, producing bananas using traditional ways, and not using any technology. In Lanzarote, it will be the same with wineries. EL GRIFO is the most ancient winery of the Canary Islands (founded in 1775) which combines digitalization with traditional methods, and parcels with digitalization and without will be compared.

Major goals
The major goal of this current TC is to optimize the use of resources in the farms in the Canary Islands, emphasizing the water management in the bananas production, and the digitalization processes in the winery.