Test Cases

Testing the pros and cons of robotic milking in Ireland




Biogeographical region

Range of digital technologies
Robotic System or Smart Machine, Milking Robot, Automation process for milking cows

Target stakeholders
Independent farmers with herds size 70-200 cows and Also, land parcel per farm will vary from 60-150ha.

Short description
The technology of this TC will be applied in the milking facility on the farm. With this way the labour input on the dairy farm will be reduced, which can be a particular concern when farm workers (hired labour) are being used. Even when only family labour is used on the farm, milking robots allow the farmer to concentrate on more important farm work (such as farm management and planning) or they might allow the farmer to engage in off farm employment opportunities or allow the farmer and wider farm household achieve a better work-life balance.

Major goals
The primary purpose is typically to reduce labour input and achieve a time saving or cost saving (in the case of hired farm workers) but the technology can also increase yields (due to greater milking frequency) or better match feeding to the cow’s requirements. This can then contribute to better environmental sustainability. The technology can also reduce production risks associated with illness of the farmer or farm worker.