Test Cases

Automated monitoring for cows in Continental region

KU Leuven



Biogeographical region

Range of digital technologies
Robotic Systems or Smart Machines

Target stakeholders
Independent famers with the herd size to vary from 50 up to 200 cows. Also parcels per farm will vary from 30-200ha.

Short description
A Real-Time-Positioning System (RTLS) will be embedded in dairy assistance systems and will be used to monitor both the herd and each cow’s position and movement indoors, emphasising more on the observation of the young stocks. Location and time spent in important barn areas can be automatically determined and used as indicators of health.

Major goals
The major goals of this technology are to improve heat detection and monitor behavioural changes in order to reveal health problems like lameness. Also these positioning systems are expected to reduce labour time especially in large herds.