Test Cases

Integrating robotic systems in automatic Milking Systems (AMS)




Biogeographical region

Range of digital technologies
Recording Technology, Decision support tool, Robotic System

Target stakeholders
Farmers with herd size equal to 100.

Short description
This TC will leverage automatic Milking System (AMS) and more specifically milking robots devoted to extracting milk from the cows increasing the effectiveness of the procedure meaning elimination of labour, milking consistency, increased milking frequency, perceived lower stress environment and herd management. Accelerometer sensors attached to the animal will be used also to deliver information at the individual animal level in order to monitor health and welfare.

Major goals
The goal is to decrease the rising labour costs on the farm, allow cows to set their milking schedule by following the initial training period, as well as to decrease the problems milking procedure creates to the cow’s udder health by massaging the back of the udder to relieve any held back milk. Further, cows in the robotic milking systems will have fewer foot and leg problems as the electronic monitoring systems will aid in heat detection.