Test Cases

SF DSS/ App for wheat in Anatolian region




Biogeographical region

Range of digital technologies
Farm Management Information Systems (FMIS) and applications (inc. DSS)

Target stakeholders
Wheat producers and single farmers of commercial fields of different sizes.

Short description
The FMIS applied is a web-based Decision Support System (DSS), a smart service to farmers to improve the production, reduce costs, and increase the sustainability of wheat cultivation by choosing sustainable agronomic practices. The DSS used in the TC is a web-accessible service that integrates in mathematical models different information on the characteristics of each plot (weather data and soil physical-chemical characteristics), previous crop, varietal characteristics (growth rate, phenology, mineral nutritious needs), to return clear and effective advices and quick alarms related to the field management. It is able to provide farmers with advice about seeding and fertilisation, alarms about the risk of main diseases, and data about weather, water balance and crop growth. The DSS is applied to the cultivation phase; it is able to support decision-making from seeding to harvest.

Major goals
The use of the DSS is expected to register a reduction in input usage, both in terms of nutrients and plant protection products applied to the fields also in the TC. This will also lead to an improvement in the sustainability of the crop management and to an increase in farmers’ revenue.