Test Cases

VRA add-on for old tractors for cotton in Mediterranean region




Biogeographical region

Range of digital technologies
Reacting or Variable Rate Technologies, Recording or Mapping technologies

Target stakeholders
Farmers that cultivates cotton

Short description
Real-time Variable Rate Applications of inputs (fertilisers, growth regulators, harvest aids) in cotton crops throughout the whole cultivation period are going to be applied in this TC, using the Augmenta System. This system is Aan unobtrusive plug n’ play retrofit system will be mounted on the cabin roof of any ordinary tractor or self-propelled spreader or sprayer. It uses ISOBUS or other OEM specific protocols to control VRA machinery and utilises a built-in GPS to determine location. A 3G/4G cellular network connection allows cloud connectivity. The system also includes an integrated wireless tablet for in-cabin operator control and the web portal for operational tracking and analytics, financial reports, record keeping etc.

Major goals
Using this system, farmers apply a recommended dose/rate of fertilisers/chemicals in an intelligent way so as to minimise waste and maximise efficiency. As a result, reductions of chemical inputs are achieved, contributing to environmental sustainability. Cost of production is reduced, as well. In addition, the efficient way of variable rate applications benefits crop yield