Test Cases

Machinery with VRA, data analytics for wheat, onion and potato in Continental region




Biogeographical region

Range of digital technologies
Guidance / Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF) technologies, Reacting or Variable Rate Technologies, Recording or Mapping technologies, Robotic Systems or Smart Machines.

Target stakeholders
Arable farms of 10-100 ha in the South of The Netherlands.

Short description
This TC will take place in the Netherlands in the arable crops. The sensing techniques will be used to map and monitor in field variation of soils and crop production. Sensing technology appears poised to make an even greater impact on planning agencies and land management initiatives involved in monitoring land-cover and land-use change at a variety of spatial scales. The approach is meant for the whole farm but is implemented step by step.

Major goals
The main goals of the TC are to lead to a more environmentally sustainable and economically viable system, ready for future challenges through the processes guided by the precision application of pesticides and fertilisers.