Test Cases

FMIS/ Financial Modelling for Barley, corn and wheat in the Alpine region




Biogeographical region

Range of digital technologies
Farm Management Information Systems (FMIS) and applications (inc. DSS)

Target stakeholders
Farms with average size of the parcels, Farmers from the agricultural sectors such as arable, fruit, vegetables, meat or dairy.

Short description
A complex dynamic tool (Farm Manager) that enables the adjustment of model calculations at different levels to the analysed agricultural holding, will enable not only simulation of the situation on a particular holding, but also will analyse at different levels of the agricultural activity, as well as individual production activities carried out on a given agricultural holding. The developed tool, which is a comprehensive model of agricultural holdings and related databases for supporting decision making in agriculture, is based on a modular approach, which allows the use of a single module, as well as a combination of them, in the analysis. The dynamic tool was developed in the form of electronic spreadsheets in MS Excel’s work environment and is largely supported by commands written in VBA.

Major goals
The tool that will be used in this TC is a business planning and data aggregation platform for farmers and food producers, based on a comprehensive and technically advanced e-service, allowing farmers and food producers to develop overall farm production plans, using different farming methods/technologies and approaches. This data-driven platform enables detailed planning and business modelling of all crop and animal husbandry types of agricultural production and can be applied for advising farms for the purpose of redirecting production, business modelling, detailed planning and data aggregation.