Test Cases

Silos management




Biogeographical region

Range of digital technologies
Management information systems (MIS) and applications. Recording or mapping technology, combination.

Target stakeholders
The system is suitable for both large groups of companies engaged in the purchase and storage of grain, who want to have a centralized business management, as well as for smaller companies. It is also suitable for farmers with grain storage elevators

Short description
AgroSmart for Silos” is the quantity and quality management system for raw materials designed to integrate all the processes in agricultural storage and trading business. “AgroSmart for Silos” system enables customers to significantly increase productivity, the possibility to carry out operations more quickly, more accurately and more efficiently. The system is suitable for both large corporate groups that want to have a centralized business management, as well as smaller companies. It provides maximum automatic acceptance, laboratory, storage and unloading processes; integration with scales and laboratory equipment; generation and management of documents; tools for planning of product logistics; convenient and fast management of contracts and orders; etc.

Major goals
The main goals of using “AgroSmart for silos” are: a) to reduce operation costs as many tasks are automated; b) to increase the effectiveness of processes duo to automation, tracking and analytics; c) to reduce the risk of human error or theft due to automation, logging and alerts.