Test Cases

Sensors for quality assessment for oyster in Mediterranean region




Biogeographical region

Range of digital technologies
Recording or Mapping technologies, Robotic Systems or Smart Machines

Target stakeholders
Shellfish farming companies and small to medium oyster producers.

Short description
Innovative technological solutions for oyster quality assessment on-site will be demonstrated in this TC. More specifically the oyster testing on-site tools based on NIR spectrometry in combination with machine learning and advanced data analysis techniques will be applied. This is a service for rapid on-site assessment of oysters, where a customer opens a single oyster from a batch, ‘scans’ its flesh and receives results on its (and by extension the remaining batch) quality and potential food risk parameters (moisture level, nutritional value, fats, proteins, glycogens, etc.).

Major goals
The goal is to enable the end users to conduct fast rapid oyster quality assessment on-site with sufficient result reliability and with low cost. This will enable informed decision making in regards to more efficient oyster farming, harvesting, storage, transportation and sales while assessing the quality, freshness and potential food risks of oysters during these processes.