Test Cases

Automated Greenhouse for tomatoes in Boreal Region




Biogeographical region

Range of digital technologies
FMIS or App, Dimmable digitally controlled led lights, Digitally controlled plant disinfections system, Climate control system, Intelligent plant monitoring system, Automated Greenhouses

Target stakeholders
Growers and farmers that cultivate tomatoes on 1-1,5 ha in modern blockhouses or older plastic greenhouses, and supply their tomatoes to a local packing house cooperative.

Short description
For better regulation of artificial light intensity and thus achieving savings in electricity costs, the technological grower has installed full led lights the photon output of which can be controlled steplessly. The lamps are integrated with a system that measures plant biomass growth and produces data for adjusting irrigation. To reduce nutrient emissions and save in water and fertilizer costs the technological grower has taken up a digitally controlled ultrafiltration system for water disinfection that allows recirculation of drain water. The comparison is between a technological grower and a grower using current standard technologies that do not include dimmable leds or ultrafiltration and their integration with other steering systems.

Major goals
The main goal is to understand what plants need and steer their growth better for higher yields and better quality of end products. Due to electricity and fertilizer prices that are on the increase this TC will aim to optimise the light intensities in autumn and winter months and reduce nutrient and water consumption, not only for cost reasons but also to address environmental issues. The mentioned techniques are used for the whole farm approach as they make an integrated whole to better steer plant growth and fruit production.