Test Cases

Harvesting robotic and SF DSS for Vineyard in Black Sea region




Biogeographical region
Black Sea

Range of digital technologies
Farm Management Information Systems (FMIS) and applications (inc. DSS), Robotic Systems or Smart Machine

Target stakeholders
Farmers with 120ha of vineyards.

Short description
In this TC, IoT technologies will be applied in order to improve the managerial decision by monitoring the vineyards. It will provide support to the farmers having all data regarding monitoring, farm management and financial forecasts in one cloud.

Major goals
Through the application of this technology farmers will reduce the cost for labour, the cost of irrigation/fertilisation as well as the cost for treatment based on our early warnings. Also, real time data of the fields in combination with projections of the expected yield and prices for each crop will increase farmers income. An overall control of all managerial and financial operations will constitute the major goal of the TC.