Test Cases

Silo Management through Recording and Mapping Technology




Biogeographical region

Range of digital technologies
FMIS or App, Reacting or Variable Rate Technology, Recording or Mapping Technology and Combination

Target stakeholders
Arable farmers growing wheat with an average farm size of 50-200 ha.

Short description
In this TC, an advanced crop farm process management software will be applied, enabling the farmer to efficiently plan and manage processes, in order to create plans for sowing, fertilising and spraying. The TC’s offered solution is map-based with some important map layers available: productivity points, soil type, protected areas, buffer zones, etc. The system applied in this TC is capable of analysing drone captured multispectral and hyperspectral images as well as satellite data.

Major goals
The goal is increasing farm efficiency, determining water content in plants, macro (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) and micro (iron, manganese, zinc, copper) nutritional elements, and the lack of chemical and nutritional elements at different stages of plant growth. Another goal is to help farmers to calculate the value of available harvest and monitor the performance of work and track the progress that takes place in the field.