Test Cases

Efficient management of the mixed farm: dairy cows and crops




Biogeographical region

Range of digital technologies
FMIS/ app

Target stakeholders
Farms located in the North-East of Romania approximately 4200 ha agricultural land.

Short description
In this TC, by using an advanced productivity management system it will offer an all-in-one digital farming solution. The farmers will be able to monitor all your fields in one place, get real-time updates on current field and crop conditions, receive immediate notifications if something’s wrong, track changes while being offline and forecast the harvested amount from the fields. An automatic weather station that provides end-users with real-time information about the weather and soil conditions in the fields will be also utilised, while providing the farmer with useful real-time information such as weather data, forecast and history and rain, temperature sum as well as other agronomic indicators.

Major goals
High level management and financial monitoring of the crop production, through forecasts and predictions based on real-time information for both crops and the weather, while empowering farmers' decisions. Also this TC aims to contribute to the addressing of the increasing challenges for farmers and the environment.